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User Comments

We receive emails and telephone calls each week thanking us for prompt support, helpful service, and rapid turnaround of requested fixes or enhancements. Our customers are extremely important to us and your satisfaction is our goal.

"I'm so glad I found memberties after fumbling around with Access, Outlook and ACT! trying to make them do what memberties does naturally."    — Keith Vandenbergh, Top Dog, Michigan United Tandem Society (MUTS)
"Two days into playing with the program & I have imported all the files for our small association, and have made some headway into generating the reports, etc. we have been haphazardly putting together for some time. I've already upgraded to the pro version. The old saying holds true,'It only costs a little more to go first class!"    — Steve S., York County PHCC
"The three times I have contacted customer support, I was able to get immediate on-line help twice. The third time, I left a message. Amazingly, no long waits. I had an email answer in just a couple of hours. Customer support is a winner!"    — Kim Harrison, Lewis County Senior Citizens Center, Inc.
"I would like to say that I am thrilled with many aspects of the system: 1) Bulk Data Update combined with Search criteria, field sorting and field selection. It's the easiest I've ever seen; 2) Ability to save and reload so many criteria. 3) Data-exportable user-defined Views: WOW! 4) Actual, human, responsive, knowledgeable English-language support. Huh? Didn't you get the memo about outsourcing?"    — Needham Sportsman's Club, Needham, Massachusetts
"The program has impressed members of my association with the various kinds of reports that can be generated. In our tri-level association, I've brought it to the attention of people on each level. Now our state association is in the process of using it. I'm ever so pleased to have found MemberTies."    — Linda Hoffman, PLS, Kansas City Legal Secretaries Association
"I am very impressed with the program. I downloaded it this afternoon, created a database of 15 users, and I'm already making custom reports. It only took me 30 seconds to sell the owner here (Gags and Games, Inc.) on your product. He is as impressed as I am. It says great things that I was able to figure the software out so quickly, and impress the owner and IT dept., all the same day I downloaded it."    — Charlie Pepper, Gags and Games, Inc.
"I do tell my friends about MemberTies - it is just the best database for the price in the world!"    — Doug Barrow, Maritime London, United Kingdom
"The E-mail response to queries and suggestions for additional features has been excellent with a prompt and personal response. It is unusual to receive this level and quality of service, congratulations."    — Membership Secretary, Guernsey Mini/Youth Rugby Club, British Channel Islands
"I've been extremely pleased with MemberTies. I've created a number of custom report and mailing label formats and have found the program to be extremely helpful for us to track our membership and to aid in the distribution of our quarterly newsletter. Instead of manually delivering a mailing list to our printing house, as was done in the past by our former membership chairperson, I can now download an electronic mailing list to them directly. As our other board members have requested information on our membership, I've been able to generate that for them and send them the pdf file in just minutes. It has really been great!"    — Jan Larson, The Boone Society, Inc.
"I started using the program with a brief run-through from our previous membership officer and have been up and running at full speed since. The Online Help really made it easy."    — Jodie Turner, Membership Officer, Tall Texans of Dallas
"Over the past week or so, I have been evaluating membership programs for Ramey AFB Historical Association. Of the eight I looked at, yours is by far the best. Great usability & flexibility. I am a 30 year retiree from IBM. I've seen a lot of code. Nice job!"    — Duff Neely, Ramey AFB Historical Association
"This is probably the best money I have spent on software in my entire life. Well thought out, well designed and well supported."    — Peter Beacock, Grand River Blues Society
"I have been working with the MemberTies program for the past two years and have been extremely pleased with it. We are a non-profit organization that receives donations for publishing a magazine of Cuban Culture. The program has been very good in providing us with the necessary tools to maintain accurate records of our donors. Most importantly, the services offered to us at Cuban Cultural Heritage Organization by Van have been excellent. His customer service qualities have gone well beyond his duties. I am a retiree and as you can imagine not very young. I work part time for the organization. A lot of times, I have had to get his assistance in figuring out how to do a new task and he has always been willing to assist me with the most patience. With his help, I have always been able to understand and perform the task at hand. I have no words that can describe how please we are at Cuban Cultural Heritage with the MemberTies program."    — Marisa Zayas-Bazan Rodriguez, Cuban Cultural Heritage
"Once we fully understood the unbelievable flexibility contained in the MemberTies Pro program, and learned how to adapt it to our 1085 member organization, we have decided Memberties is the greatest invention since color television! With six special reports and the ability to apply specific criteria of our own choosing to each, after years of wasted time trying other systems, we now have what we regard as an ideal membership management system. We are most greatful to MemberTies!"    — Lew Tibbitts, Santa Monica Protective Association
"We've been using MemberTies for eight years now and I still believe it was the smartest thing we've done for our club. Over the years I've looked at other programs and even tried a few, but I always come back to this one. Nobody else can match the ease of use, the host of features, and the outstanding support team that really cares about the product and my needs and actually answers the phone! Thanks guys!"    — John D., Fortunate Friends
"I can't say enough how MemberTies has helped me. Although I'm still learning about all the features, the ones that I use are great!"    — Cheri Baumann, Magellan Society, USA
"Let me say what a wonderful program MemberTies is. I've been using MemberTies Pro for 5 years to run our club memberships. It is intuitive, easy to use and its integration with Microsoft Office is excellent and seamless."    — Brisbears Social Club Inc, Australia
"I cannot express how great your software is! Thank you so much for your help and you make my job fun."    — Jeanette Chastain, Smithville Municipal Court, USA
"Your program fills a need that I've been looking for for some time. I've played with MS Access to try to get our records organized & standardized, but it's too cumbersome and I really don't have the time & energy to learn Access to the degree I need to do with it what is needed. Your program was very easy to get going, and well worth the small investment! Thank you!"    — Steve S., York County PHCC
"For someone who is long in the tooth with very limited computer experience, I find your program to be fantastic."    — Richard Grubel, Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club
"Our membership records were in shambles after a long period of neglect through a couple administrations, not to mention that the only vaguely rational listing had been lost to a hard drive failure. I'm still learning MemberTies' many features, but even this early the Board of Directors has been delighted. They now have quick and accurate answers to questions about which of our members possess the skills needed for specific jobs. Anyone considering software to maintain membership records should also know that the individual attention of Van's technical support is second to none. He listened to our needs, understood them immediately and tweaked one of the custom reports to give us exactly what we wanted -- all within a few hours. MemberTies created order out of chaos and made the secretary's office look efficient. Thank you."    — Judith David, Secretary, Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley
"Actually, I use the software as Membership Director for a Ski & Sports Club, but what I do for a living is design and create application software for end users. So, I have a few opinions about how software should look and feel! One of the reasons I chose this software was the ease of use, and logical progression of entry. Strangely enough, our company suffers from the 'if it doesn't cost $100,000 it can't be any good' syndrome! Because we are a non-profit Club, I jumped at your price. And, frankly, got way more than I expected for it. Thanks, guys!"    — Marjorie Crouse, Membership Director, Altair Ski & Sports Club, Eugene OR
"Switching to your product allowed us to mail invoices a full 60 days earlier than what our outside service did last year"    — David, Public Radio Program Directors Association
"I am thoroughly impressed by your software! I've been attempting to organize my sorority's membership information for almost 3 years now and this is the only viable solution I've come across. Flat files like Excel are not robust enough & MS Access requires in depth training to use the advanced functions. This is the first packaged software I've seen that has everything you need to track membership for a sorority. I will be recommending that we purchase the Pro version. Kudos to you!"    — Kimberly Reese, National Society of Pershing Angels
"This program covers all you need. If it doesn't, call the support desk and you'll find someone who listens to the customer and provides the upgrades and customizations. Check out the upgrades history sometime and see for yourself."    — R. Scott DuPree,Gator Detachment of the Marine Corps League, Inc., USA
"I evaluated nearly a dozen membership programs before buying MemberTies Pro and it is by far the best I have found. I made a few suggestions as to how I thought the program might be improved a little and low and behold, they liked my suggestions and they were incorporated in the next release! I actually use Member Ties pro for 2 very different groups, a homeowners association and a youth club membership. The program is so flexible that it handles both groups wonderfully. And the custom fields are great for those things you never thought you needed."    — Roger Ingersoll, Castleridge Association of Homeowners Inc.
"After trying dozens of software programs, I finally found MemberTies Professional and it is wonderful. I very quickly learned how to import all my data (between 20 & 30 data fields for each of our 400 members). When I did not understand a couple of items in the Help section, your support department was very helpful and very quick to answer my questions. Our club bills members monthly, quarterly, and annually depending on what service they have. Member Ties does this beautifully. The deposit feature is perfect. The ability to create user-reports is amazing. I could go on and on, but you get the point."    — Karen Carter, Calvert City Country Club
"Let me say that importing into MemberTies was the easiest and smoothest I've ever done, and I've done a fair number of imports - among other things, the directions and the Help instructions are quite clear! Merci beaucoup!"    — Judy Datesman, Quimper Club International, France
"Thank you for your help. I use your program daily in my business and also for my volunteer position and couldn't do without it. If anyone has doubts about your program please give them my email and I will tell them how I use it and how great it is."    — Chris Wilson, Chippewa United Methodist Pre-School
"Your customer support was terrific. The response time was better than any other software company we have ever had to deal with!"    — Jim McGillen, Pineland Striders, USA