MemberTies Membership Software - a powerful, inexpensive, easy to use membership software solution.

Standard vs Professional

MemberTies (without "Professional" added to the name) is the standard version of the software. This version is designed to support the needs of most small organizations. It provides a variety of reports, tracks all kinds of information and relationships, and is still small enough to download in a reasonable amount of time.

MemberTies Professional is an extension of the standard MemberTies release, designed for larger organizations, or those that just need more advanced features. While a smaller organization might be satisfied with the basic view of the Membership List, a larger organization may need to define multiple views. Therefore, with MemberTies Professional, you can do just that. This is the essential nature of the professional version -- to expand on or add features to the standard version that may not be needed by smaller organizations.

The professional version will also be used for most major new enhancements to the software, unless those enhancements make sense to be included in the standard version as well.

Note: A standard license can be upgraded to the professional version at any time for a small fee plus the difference in cost. A standard MemberTies license cannot be used with MemberTies Professional, or visa-versa.

The following table illustrates the main features of both.
(This list is based on the current program version.)

FeatureStd  Pro  
Secure Logon w/Password (user-defined)
User-Level Access Security (by user name)
Multiple Databases
Database Hosting
Network Support
Multiple User Support
Database Backup
Automatic Backup Reminders (user-defined)
Database Restore
Data Import (user-defined)
Basic and Advanced Search Options
Save Search Criteria for Reuse
Member Types/Statuses (user-defined)
Member Relationship Types (user-defined)
Group Types (user-defined)
State/Province Lists (user-defined)
Country Lists (user-defined)
References (user-defined)
Phone Types (user-defined)
Locations (user-defined)
Location Types (user-defined)
Administrator Account
Dues Calculator
Membership Record List
Group Record List
Member General Contact Info
Member Status/Comments
Member Status History
Member Roles/Achievements (user-defined)
Member Dues Payments
Member ToDo Items
Member to Member(s) Association
Member to Group(s) Association
Member Friends/Family
Member Custom Fields/Lists
Member Photo
Friend/Family Photo(s)
Member and Family Photo ID Cards
Group General Contact Info
Group Membership (sub-groupings of members)
Group ToDo Items
Group to Member(s) Relationships
Group Custom Fields
Intelligent Member Data Queries
Intelligent Group Data Queries
Saveable/Reloadable Queries
Email List Builder
Pre-Defined Reports, Summaries, Statistics
Organization Logo on all Reports
Mailing Labels
Return Address Labels (for your organization)
Track Activities and Locations
System and User Preference Settings
Tip of the Day
Online Help
Message of the Day
Automatic Logon (preference setting)
Automatic Logoff (Kiosk Mode)
Associate Files to Member and Group Records
Report Printing to PDF Files
Documents/Form Letters
Member Donations
User-Defined Multi-Column Reports
User-Defined Mailing Labels
User-Defined Membership Cards
User-Defined Post Cards
User-Defined Name Tags/Cards
User-Defined Photo ID Cards
User-Defined Rosters/Directory Lists
User-Defined Membership List Views
User-Defined Group List Views
Member Dues Accounts
Member Dues Account Statements
Mass Dues Posting
Dues Posting Types (user-defined)
Automatic Interest Posting (user-defined)
Automatic Dues Posting (user-defined)
Multiple Addresses per Member Record
Date-Range Controlled Current Address
Integrated Email to Members, Groups, and Activity Attendees
SSL Email Support
Email Merge (Personalize Outgoing Email using Database Fields)
Predefined Comments
Predefined Address Types
Preloaded Member IDs
Track Activity Attendance (with individual Check-In/Check-Out Date & Time)
Track Activity Income & Expenses
Track Activity Attendee Income & Expenses
Activity Front Desk (Supports Barcode Scanning and Rapid Check-In/Out)
Activity Front Desk (Unattended Check-In Mode)
Relate Files to Activity Records
Activity Roles (user-defined)
Attendance Statuses (user-defined)