Activity Overview

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Activity Overview

New activity records can be added to the database whenever the Activity List is active.

Working with Activities

1.Choose the Activities tab from the ribbon bar.

2.In the Records section of the ribbon choose Add to create a new activity, or select an existing activity in the list, and choose Copy, Edit or Delete.

3.The Activity window will open with the General Info page selected.  If this is a new record, you must complete the General Info page before you can switch to other pages. See below for descriptions of each page:

General Info - provides the basic what/when/where detail of the activity, and provides a quick summary of the current state

Attendance - tracks who is attending the activity and their status

Income & Expense - tracks finances related to the activity

File List - lists any associated files or documents

Advanced - controls attendance limits, automatic reports, and postings

4.Complete all appropriate information, then click Save.

5.When finished, click Close.


Your changes to the activity may not appear in the Activity List until it is Refreshed.

If you're using MemberTies Professional, deleting an activity will also remove all associated Income and Expenses, as well as all associations between members and that activity. However, deleting the activity has no affect on the membership records themselves.

An Auto-Save preference controls whether the system prompts you to save or cancel changes when changing pages.

Changing the Page Order

If there are pages you never use, or pages that you use more than others, you can control which pages appear on the window. See Changing Page Order for more details.


* Professional Version Only