Welcome to MemberTies!

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Welcome to MemberTies!

MemberTies is a membership tracking application designed to help you get your group organized and keep it organized. Extensive features, many based on suggestions from users around the world, all combine to give you the one of the most powerful, affordable, and comprehensive membership software packages available.

This help topic is designed to help you get started using MemberTies as quickly as possible.

When you start the program, you should see either a Welcome window, or a Login window.

Welcome window

The Welcome window appears if the system doesn't see any databases to use.  If you think you should already have a database on your computer, read this.

If you're a new user, please see:

I'm a new user and I just installed for the first time


Once you are logged in, have a look at the topics under Getting Started to get up and running quickly.


Login window

The Login window appears when the system finds at least one database in the expected location.  

I've just upgraded or reinstalled

I'm an existing user and need to log in again


Note: The system will normally set the User Name and Database fields to the last user and selected database.